15 months ago, the NCSC launched a pilot scheme in Gloucestershire, home of GHCQ, called the Cyber Schools Hub. The NCSC is the public-facing arm of the British home of intelligence and we have been proud to be part of this scheme. The Schools Hub project is aimed at giving government backing to schools that are in someway left behind in the curriculum of Cyber Security.

The UK has been facing an ever-growing skills gap and whilst the industry itself, including Cygenta, makes a lot of effort to help educate the public, school children and universities, it is often a lack of money or other resources that prevents a critical mass of help arriving at one place. In establishing the Cyber Schools Hub, the NCSC provides a literal hub of resources that we and many other companies can pour into and the output is astonishing.

The pilot scheme has been an amazing success, thanks in no small part to the NCSC but also to the small but committed number of other companies, such as Deep3, National Grid, Lockheed Martin, Cyber Security Associates, Bank of England, Northrop Grumman, XQ Cyber and AllCooper.

It has been a pleasure to work with the thousands of children involved in the Schools Hub programme and to see the impact that our combined work has had on their lives already. Children from Newent School, Ribston Hall, Wyedean School, Cleeve School and Beaufort Co-op Academy have all benifited from the injection of resources into their schools. Beaufort now have a cyberhub room kitted out with some of the latest technology to explore and hack. Wyedean School, famous for its use in the Harry Potter series, has set up a Philosphers Den for Cyber as well as Hagrid IoT Hut, both used to inspire and help their students find a passion for Cybersecurity.

Last week saw the bringing together of all of the schools and companies involved so far with the scheme and (to our astonishment) we, alongside some of our industry partners, were presented an award from the NCSC themselves for the work we have done with the Schools Hub.

I was honoured to be part of that evening and receive our award.  Jess was in Germany, where she had been chairing and keynoting a conference for CISOs so she had to wait a bit to see the lovely award in person. One of the most amazing things about the evening was hearing some of the pupils talk about the impact that the Schools Hub has had on them. The passion, confidence and excitment in the room was inspiring. We're excited to see where the latest generation of young adults take their skills, and we will as always be proud of our contribution to making this first year of the Schools Hub project a fantastic success. Thank you to the NCSC for having the vision and determination to make this happen and thank you to the schools for engaging in the scheme so whole-heartedly. Congratulations to all of the other companies that won an award, too!

To read more about the NCSC and the Schools Hub project see their website.